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Imagine you are sitting in a famous south Indian restaurant in your city and ordered two plates of dosa. They served you two plates of dosa in two different ways. Like one in a plain plate and bowl and another in plate along with natural banana leaf and sambar in a bowl made of coconut shell.

Which plate you will choose?

Definitely the one presented in a unique way.

Here's what called power of presentation! Food that is presented and plated well is more attractive to customers. It creates professionalism in the mind of eaters as well as excitement for that particular dish. Food presentation is not just serving food in a unique way, it is quite more than that which starts with choosing a plate, then deciding how the main dish and sides to be arranged or layered.

And ends with garnishing to give finishing touches to dish.

Nowadays social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc. are blasted with foodie pictures. Here we can find all varieties of food pictures plated in different unique ways and style. We can learn a lot from there and implement them in our day to day food business as well as at home.

So we should definitely not ignore the power of presentation before serving in order to boost the feeling of taste and love for the food.

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